A simple spiritual cleansing bath

When I am feeling down on my luck, and the world has seemed to turn against me, one of my favorite things to rectify the situation is to perform a cleansing bath for myself. This simple bath is one I use for myself, and sometimes I just use it because I find that it is highly relaxing, refreshing and recharging.

For the cleansing bath you will need these things:

1 cup of Salt (table salt, sea salt, kosher salt, rock salt, pink Himalayan salt, celtic sea salt whatever)
1 cup of Epsom salts (easily found at the local drugstore)
1 Laundry Blueing (Either liquid, or in a form of a square or ball)
A bowl (large enough to hold 2 cups of salt)

Take the ingredients, and mix them all together in a bowl. If you are using liquid blueing, you will only need a single use (about a table spoon), and if you using a square or ball, just press it down into the salt combination at the end.

In a clean tub, draw up a bath, like you would any other time. If you desire, you can pray over the water as it fills the tub. Once the bath is drawn, pour in the mixture of salts and laundry blueing, and mix it around to help the salt dissolve. Put the bowl next to the tub and get inside. Using the bowl, or your hands, scoop up some of the water and pour down over your head, and continue doing this, pouring the water down, over your body. If you are sitting in the tub, rub your legs with your hands in the water, starting at your thighs and moving down towards your feet. As your bathe, pray that harmful influences are removed, and that good things come into your life. I often find that using Psalms is helpful in this regard. The idea is that you are washing and cleaning away all the uwanted and harmful influences that maybe present. You can stay in the tub for as long as you want, letting the blue salty water neutralize the influences. When you are finished, take the bowl and scoop up some of the water, and set it aside. Stop out and let the tub drain. Allow yourself to air dry, put on some clean fresh clothes, and take the bowl of water, and throw towards a tree outside, towards the rising sun.

I find this bath effective for a few reasons. Salt is well known as a all around beneficial mineral, and is used often in cleansing and purification, as it neutralizes and blocks harmful and unwanted influences. Blue is a spiritual color, long associated with protection, benevolent influences, Laundry blueing was the method of keeping white clothing white before the mass production of bleach, and as white is the benevolent and spiritual color, the laundry blueing also helps to fill you with benevolence and spiritual power.

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