The Aegishjalmur or Helm of Awe is probably one of my favorite symbols from the Northern Tradition. It is one of the magical signs that have many forms and seems to appear often, especially in the Icelandic galdrbok as a means to gain many things, from stilling anger, to winning love, or just having the favor of men or removing anger. Some variants are very simple images, others are as complex as solomonic and goetic talismans in their imagery. I personally have a preference for the simpler ones, mainly because they are much easier to inscribe on a multitude of surfaces.

The helm of awe is even mentioned in the sagas, probably the most famous saga, The Volsungasaga. The dwarf turned dragon, Fafnir, bears a helm of awe, which is one of the means that he keeps his suspected foes away from the treasure that he has accumulated.

Later, in the galdrbok tradition, it is suggested that the aegishjalmur symbol be made into lead and pressed between the brows, or using spit, drawn on the forehead. One version has an incantation that reads

“It is the helm of awe that I bear between my eyes-wrath runs away, strife is stemmed. May every mother be delighted with me as Maria was delighted with her blessed son when she found him on the rock of victory, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit” followed by “ Olvir, Odhinn, Evil One/ All will you bewitch! / May God himself, with skill/ Send love between us two!”

This was used to still wrath, but also could be used to bring love.

A variant aegishjlamur was named Solomon’s Insigli aka Solomon’s sign and was used for protection.

The main purpose of the Helm of Awe in my works is for success, victory, mastery and favor. You could use spit and other traditional means to place it upon your brow, but you can also use relevant condition oils (such as Crown of Success, Master or High John the Conqueror).

A simple Aegishjalmur spell for success could consist of the following:

A yellow candle (for success, victory and favor)
Crown of Success condition oil
Crown of Success sachet powder
Crown of Success incense
A piece of paper (parchment paper or hand torn brown paper)
A red pen
A pin or needle
Quick lighting charcoal
Incense holder

Light your charcoal.

Take the piece of paper, and using the red pen, draw the aegishjalmur symbol on the piece of paper. Sprinkle a small amount of sachet powder on the paper and symbol, and then retrace the symbol with your left index finger. When you finish, snap the paper to remove the sachet powder.

Take the yellow candle. With the pin or needle, carve the aegishjalmur symbol into the candle. Dress the candle with Crown of Success oil, and place it over the symbol and paper. Put some incense on the charcoal. As it is smoking, using spit or oil, make the draw the aegishjalmur on your forehead, when completed say:

“The Helm of awe is upon my brow. Let all people look upon me and hear my words with favor, as the Lord looked upon his creation with favor, that I may succeed in all my works. So It is!

Light the candle and let the candle burn down to completion. After it has burned out, carry the paper with you in your wallet or purse, as talisman for success and favor. If you desire, you can take the talisman and press the symbol to your forehead and repeat your incantation, while you are out to strengthen the aegishjalmur.

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