You’re judging me as much as I’m judging you.

Much as you cannot not influence people, You cannot not make judgements. Every day, you are judging items, people, situations. When you have a favorite color, you have judged all other colors. When you decide to eat chicken instead of fish, you have made a judgement. The people who are your friends, and people who are just co-workers or casual acquaintances, you have made a judgement. Stop saying to stop “judging.”
and some things need to be negatively judged. If someone is going around killing, raping, and otherwise hurting people physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I’m going to judge them. If your spiritual path tells you to do the same, I’m going to judge your spiritual path.
If someone is otherwise willfully ignorant, and yet demand equal value given to your ignorant viewpoints, opinions and attitudes, I’m going to judge them.
Now, if someone happens to be something that they cannot change because that is the way they are, in their essence, but they’re going around behaving in the above described ways, I’m going to judge them for their behavior, not for their essence. Behavior is voluntary, and can always be judged.

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