Peace is something that it seems many people in this day and age desire, but seem to lack. Much of the underlying causes for that are cultural and social with current global, national and local conditions taking away from that peace around us. While addressing the inequalities that are the cause for this loss of peace, there is another peace you can possess, which with work and dedication, can be enduring, and which no one can steal from you. Of course, what I’m talking about is Inner Peace.
There are many paths to that Inner peace. It could also be called by other names, synonyms if you will. Balance. Equanimity. Fullness. Self-Realization. This peace can radically change any situation, even one in which battle and conflict is going to be present and occur. Being at peace in chaos, instead of afraid, confused, anxious, can often make all the difference.
If you want to promote peace in your life, a simple rite to achieve that is to take a blue or white candle. You should fix the candle with peace oil. Set it firm into a candle holder, light the candle, and look at the flame for a minute. Close your eyes, and mentally project a light blue light surrounding, permeating and filling you and your environment. Hold this image and let your body relax. Take a deep breath. Release the tension in your shoulders and neck. Take another deep breath. Keep working down through your chest, back and stomach, of relaxing and releasing stress and tension. Do your hips, thighs, knees, calves, shins and feet. Release all the stress you can. Repeat this process until you feel deeply and profoundly at ease. If you feel tired or exhausted, that often happens when you release all that stress. If you can, go to sleep or take a nap. If you feel unsafe with your candle, you can extinguish it, but you can also leave it lit, to burn out completely on it’s own when it is finished. If you used a very big candle. You can use it multiple times, snuffing the flame each time and using it again, until the candle is consumed.

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