The 12 days of Christmas – Jan 3 The Holy Name of Jesus

The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is in Catholic tradition, currently observed on January 3rd by those who chose to celebrate it. Originally, it was part of the January 1 observation as part of the Octave of Christmas, which as Jesus would have also been circumcized and official received his name at the same time. However with Vatican II, and the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary made on January 1, this feast in the Catholic church was moved to January 3, mainly as an alternative although certain churches and groups within the church may observe it primarily. One such group is the Jesuits, who always recognized the Holy Name of Jesus on January 3.
The image I included in this post refers specifically to how the Holy Name is presented. That logo is the symbol of the Holy Name, and it has been used periodically in Holy Name reverence, from chaplet, to Altars dedicated to the Holy Name.
Devotion to the Holy name is found in the Bible in the books of Acts and Philippians. The monogram IHS comes from the Greek writing of Jesus, but shortened, and later was thought to be an acronym for a Latin phrase Iesus Hominum Salvator. Various Christians throughout the ages have promoted the idea of devotion to the Holy Name until it became recognized in the 15th Century, and various monastic orders were given permission to observe a day to the Holy Name. This eventually became electing a feast day for the whole of the church. This also happened in Eastern Christianity and a short prayer known as the Jesus Prayer also focuses on the use of the Holy Name as a focal point. This focus also extended to Mary as well, and that was given a Feast Day option on September 12.
Some people write this monogram IHS with a cross on either side on a piece of paper and whatever is written on it is something that is being prayed over and aid is sought in resolving it. The Holy Name is also given various powers from being able to cast out evil, to make a baptism, performing any miracle, and protecting from harm. An interpretation of the scripture form the Gospel of John that reads “Ask anything of the Father in my name, and he will give it to you.” One could write the monogram on a slip of paper, make a request, and that could be all of the petition that you need to achieve your goal.

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