The 12 days of Christmas January 5, Pick a Saint – Saint Phosterios

Another day with congregation recognizing local saints, today out of the list of saints I chose Saint Phosterios. Another pre-organized church saint, this saint was a Hermit. As his name implies (Phosterios indicates something that gives off light, but also radiance and splendor) this hermit saint so dedicated himself to Christianity that it was said he gave off radiance from being so close to the holy spirit. He also dedicated himself to helping the poor and that he made his home on the top of a mountain, and his food was given to him by angels, As his name and words of his healing miracles spread, people came to him, and he would distribute loaves of bread that an angel gave to him so that none went hungry. Eventually so many people gathered around him, that an abby was built to house them all, as they chose to adapt his lifestyle and live near him.

On a blog dedicated to Orthodox Christianity, a great story about the dedication of Saint Phosterios describing him as shining with the holy spirit, because he had purified himself with so much hardship, and that when alone an angel would bring him bread, but when he had guests, or guests coming, extra bread would always be present for when the guests arrived. When he had many followers seeking to live by his example, and they all needed food, he put aside his ascetism and took to teaching them how to care for themselves and others, working and living by his own hand. When he was called to participate in a synod to discuss matters of faith, his own grace came through as eloquence, and so many who had adhered to heresy saw their folly and embraced orthodoxy that he and others lived by. While he achieved many miracles while alive, after his passing, many more miracles were placed at his influence, which is why he was sainted. Unfortunately there aren’t any images of him to share, but being a very mystical saint, with a great name referencing light, and that he was thought to shine with the light of the Holy Spirit,

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