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12 days of Christmas – St John the Evangelist

The next feast day on December 27 is the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist, the mythical author of the Gospel of St John. Mythical because nobody knows who wrote the Gospels, and the names associated with them come from tradition, not from direct knowledge of the authors.
The Gospel of John is the most mystical of the gospels, breaking from the pattern established by Matthew and Luke and introducing aspects that are more consistent with Christian Gnostic movements than mainstream Christianity. This gospel almost got rejected when the bible was canonized, but unlike other Gnostic or mystical texts of the time, it adhered to certain beliefs that were also canonized and thus was entered in, barely.
Each of the Gospels have an identifying image that might also be used in heraldry as they took on various saints of evangelists as patrons. I had mistakenly believed that John was identified by the face of the Man, but he is in fact the Eagle. This changes some of the symbolism associated with him. In occult symbolism, the Eagle, as a symbol of Saint John, is also tied the sign of Scorpio, the sign of fixed water, which the sun passes through at the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter from October to November. Each of the fixed signs have a star associated with it, but visibly independent of it which are known as “Watchers.” The Watcher for Scorpio is the star Antares. It is considered the watcher of the west and the heart of scorpio. A talisman of this star, when made at a properly elected time, can bestow various virtues, include health, understanding and memory, and the driving away of evil spirits. . In a complex arrangement, the angel associated with this Watcher is said to be Uriel, but other times Gabriel, depending upon which occult system you’re using. I associate Gabriel with the lonely star of winter, Fomalhaut, which makes Uriel associated with Antares. Uriel is a complex angel. One one hand he is thought to have visited God’s wrath in various biblical and extra biblical stories, but is also an angel of repentance. However, Uriel is also considered to be an angel of the arts and sciences, an angel of wisdom, and a keeper of light and beauty. his name means God is my flame, or as Auriel, the light of God. It seems appropriate that the most mystical of gospels and it’s author, would also be connected to the most complicated and mystical of angels as well, through the symbol of the eagle as the indicator of the gospel and saint, but also as the direction of West and of Antares.

The 12 days of Christmas – Saint Stephen the first Martyr

Most of the Western world has probably heard the song the 12 days of Christmas, with it’s increasing numbers of gifts (and birds). While Europeans may recall that the 12 days come after Christmas, most USAnians have forgotten, and instead many events use 12 days leading up to Christmas as a celebration, while also buying Advent calendars and calling it Christmastide or Yuletide.
However, the original 12 days come with or after Christmas day aka The Feast of the Nativity. Our of curiosity I searched to understand what the 12 days of Christmas were about, and also what saints or events were associated with them. Of course, this changed depending upon Western or Eastern churches, and Catholic vs Protestant vs Evangelical (As some protestant churches observes the 12 days with the same saints while Evangelicals do not recognize the 12 days).
for me, I’m going to treat Christmas as the 1st day, and each day after going forward. While most people know about Christmas day and know what it is about, the 2nd day of Christmas is not as well known to some people. This day is dedicated to Saint Stephen or in Greek Stephanos. He is the first martyr or even a proto martyr. His story is recounted in the bible in the Book of Acts. Stephen was believed to have been a Greek speaking Hebrew, and an early convert, and he was preaching the gospel of Jesus and sharing it, and this was angering the local Jewish community in Israel. So on a trumped up charge he was brought before the Sanhedrin for charges of Blasphemy. He repudiated their accusations, using logic and eloquence that the Sanhedrin could disagree with. However in the end he started saying things about the Torah and Jesus which so angered the Sanhedrin and the gathered people to watch that they seized stones and stoned Stephen to death. Some even figure that part of their ire came from his Greek affiliation, as non Greek Jews rejected the Greek ones. Part of this crowd was also allegedly Saul who would later become Paul the Apostle after his Damascus experience. The early church would declare Stephen a saint, and his feast day was put on December 26. Thus if you here Christmas hymns reference “On the feast of Stephen” this is the day they are referring to.
One interesting note to me is that Stephen is considered the first Red Martyr. A red martyr is a Christian who was murdered for their faith. There are other types of martyrs by color, namely the White Marty and the Green or Blue Martyr. While all martyrs are people who suffered for their faith, only the red martyr was murdered for it. A white martyr is some who dies because of great faith and dedication to ascetism, such as the desert hermits of Egypt and North Africa, who went to live our in the wilderness, Because of their dedication, they died but their faith made them into martyrs but without having been murdered for it.
Green or Blue martyrs are people who engaged in a denial of desires, engaging in fasting and penitent labors, but without the full withdrawal from life of extreme ascetism.

9 day spell for blessing a home

What you will need:

1 white candle
1 red candle
1 green candle
1 blue candle

Money House blessing oil
Peaceful home Oil
Protection oil
Dixie John oil

Dixie John Root
Gentian Root

House blessing Powder
Peaceful Home Powder
Protection Powder

A red cotton flannel bag
5 slips of paper big enough to fold into small packets..

A red pen or marker.

Take the five slips of paper. Using the red pen or marker, you are going to write the following five runes on it.
Wunjo Algiz Othala Dagaz Qweorth


You should write each rune 9 times on each slip of paper. Arrange the papers so they overlap slightly forming an equal armed cross.

Mix together the three powders and sprinkle them on the papers and around them forming a circle. Sprinkle them with basil as well, and place the Dixie John root and gentian root in the middle.

Starting with the white candle, anoint it with Protection oil. Anoint the red candle with Dixie John oil, anoint the green candle with Money House Blessing oil, and the blue candle with Peaceful Home oil. Place the white candle on your left, and the green candle on your right, the red candle below those two candles and the blue candle above. So that all the candles are sitting on the cross of papers that you created. Light the candles and pray the Lord’s prayer three times.

Let the candles burn. You will repeat this nine days, either burning the candles in sections, or burning new candles for each day, or continuously burning vigil lights for 9 days.

On the 9th day when the candles have finished, take four of the papers, put a pinch of the powder blend into it, and fold the paper up into a small packet. Seal the packets with tape. Take each packet and tape them discreetly into the four corners of your house. Take the fifth paper and wrap it up around a pinch of powder and the dixie john and gentian root. Place this into the red flannel bag, and place it in the heart of your home. Where the heart is, is up to you. It could be in the bedroom, under  your mattress, as the place of love, peace and rest. It could be concealed in the kitchen cupboard, where food is prepared that nurtures and nourishes. It could be placed in the central hallway so that all you pass by it are blessed and that blessing is carried with them wherever they go. It could be a dining room where family and friends gather together to eat and celebrate in joy. It could be a living room where the family gathers to share in entertainment and joy. It could also be the literal and exact center of your home and it could be hidden inside the walls if you wanted and could achieve that. The fifth packet can also be placed next to or under a candle once a month or once a year to help in re blessing the house, as it is connected to the other packets and will help reinforce the blessings on the house, when you feel it is necessary.

This spell is good to do just after doing a thorough home cleansing, or just when you move into a new home. Another good time to perform it is starting on new year’s day, or starting on Midsummer either the the day of the Summer Solstice of June 25, the Nativity of the John the Baptist.

Days of Cyprian – Day 5

Use the 23rd Psalm to influence your boss

You know de boss’s name.  All right. Call ‘im soon in de mawin’ befo’ de sun’s risin’.  Understan’ me, don’t have anything else on yore mind.  Have yo’ a secrut prayer to God befo’ de sun rise.  Git on yore knees an’ pray David’s prayer, “De Lord is mah shepherd an’ ah shall not want.” 

Ah’ll guarantee dat yo’ll go out an’ git it.  “De Lord is mah shepherd an’ ah shall not want.”   Yo’ know how to read de 23rd Psalms of David? 

    An’ in readin’ dat den [demonstrates].

    (Fold your hands up over your head.)

    Uh-huh.    Dat means, “My Lord, My God, has thou forsaken me?”     Call His (sic) name three times jest fo’ three mornin’s.  Handle ‘im jest like yo’ kin dis hat chere [my hat on  the tale – (The boss for the job?) Yes sir.


This working also comes from Hyatt and is from an informant named Dr. Stone from Waycross, GA.

For three consecutive mornings, rise before sunrise.
With your mind focused in prayer, clasp your hands together over your head and pray the 23rd Psalm.
Then call the name of the person who is the boss at work three times.
You will then be able to handle that boss, and they will comply with your wishes.

I have used this once and my boss gave me a raise shortly thereafter. If you know who is the boss and trying to get a job, you can use this, but you can also influence the boss at the job you already have to help things.

Days of Cyprian – Day 4

This is a practice that I recently read about although I had done it before.

There is a growing movement of people who are not necessarily aligned with the Catholic church, or any church per se, who are taking to praying the rosary for 9 days at a time. It is called the Way of the Rose.
It has an interesting back story and some books associated with it, and there are groups who gather to do it in person, or in this time of Covid et al, via video conferencing, and pray the Rosary together. You can google it (Just search Way of the Rose, you’ll find something) and you can learn more.

The rosary was something I learned about in college, although I had always found them interesting accessories. I had been wanting to collect them since I was a teenager, and in college, there happened to be a woman who was Catholic working on campus. I was wearing my rosary, and she gave me pamphlet explaining the traditional means of praying with it, the prayers associated with each section, and how during praying it, depending upon the part of the liturgical year, one would meditate upon different events and things in the bible, with most of it being about the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. I found it interesting and later through my own study I learned that a popular bit of church art, the 13 stations of the cross, are often integrated with rosary practice, with people praying the rosary while moving from station to station at the same time in churches and chapels that have those stations depicted. This led me to praying the rosary periodically just because. Many times I felt a presence and a growing nearness to God but I didn’t really think anything of it other than, if you pray the rosary often you receive a plenary indulgence ie a get out of hell/purgatory for free card because of this devotion. Later I would learn that doing the rosary or having a mass for the dead was also a way to help free others from purgatory, and I would use it while doing work with the dead and ancestors. Then I came across the Way of the Rose, and the many testimonies of people who had prayed for a multitude of things, from getting a job to protection in very difficult situations to just finding a new couch which seemed to happen in response to their action of praying the rosary, once a day for nine days.

That is the working I offer to you. You can achieve anything. Just pray the Rosary once a day for nine days, and your prayers will be fulfilled.

Days of Cyprian – Day 3

Another from Hyatt’s collection.

If yo’ runnin’ a house fo’ runnin’ cards, or othah special work, an’ yo’ cain’t git much trade dere.  [She is speaking about her own professional work.  The running cards means telling fortunes; othah special work, any type of hoodooism.] 

  Yo’ git up an’ go to de drug sto’ an’ buy yo’ a bottle of Hawthorne Perfume.  Yo’ take an’ come back an’ take yo’ a little tin top.  Git ovah dat an’ repeat de Lord’s prayer an’ take yo’ a little tin top [top of a tin can] an’ burn de Hawthorne Perfume in de middle of de flo’ wit de sugah, an’ dat will draw peoples to yo’.  Dat’s whut ah did when ah wus ‘way from home [on professional business] – it would draw peoples to yo’ an’ yo’ could explain to ’em whut chew want explained.


In clearer language, if you are running a business for doing readings (especially with cards) but also doing workings, hoodoo, etc.. take a bottle of Hoyt’s cologne (It says Hawthorne Perfume, but Hyatt didn’t always understand his interviews accents and this was one of those confusions, because he was also unfamiliar with some products sold at the time) and you need just a metal container. The informat says to get a tin container that probably once held food or something but in my experience any metal dish will work. Modern day canned food now has a plastic lining on it, which will burn and stink if you try to use it in this, unless you remove the plastic first, so you want something metal that isn’t plastic coated. Place that in the middle of your place of business, Put some sugar in it (she doesn’t say how much, so, do what feels right to you. Put some hoyt’s cologne on it, and light it on fire and and pray the Lord’s prayer over it, and that will attract clients to you. The informant indicates that she did this when she was away from home, but it also works in your home if your business is in the home.

I have done this a few times and besides it being very entertaining watching the alcohol burn, and it also causes some of the sugar to caramelize, it also smells good. I do have one recommendation. When it is done, and you can touch the metal item again, you should deploy the now worked caramelized sugar by sprinkling it around the front door of your place of business. An X mark or a five point (like the five dots on a six sided die) under your welcome mat works well for this too.

Days of Cyprian – Day 2

This working is something I found in the collection of Harry M Hyatt spells. I have had lots of success with this working.

Yo’ use holy watah, an’ say fo’ instance – if a person dat is come into

yore place lak dat an’ dey come with a bad heart towards yo’ or somethin’ of

de kind – or come talkin’ some kind of foolish talk or cross-talk whut chew

don’t wanta heah talk of – or make confusement or somethin’ of de kind –

well, yo’ use holy watah in dat like manner, yo’ understan’, so dat as


come in, dey’ll come wit a good spirit, yo’ see.

Yo’ll take holy watah. Now, yo’ll put three spoons of white sugah in

dere, if yo’ have mostly, say, fo’ de white people. Lak it’s fo’ de colored

people, yo’ll put three spoons of brown sugah. Now, yo’ll place dat in de

bottle of holy watah.

Now, yo’ll jis’ place dat up on a shelf or anywhere roun’ about into

yore place. Now, ever’body dat come in dere dey’ll speak nice an’ come wit a

good spirit yo’ see.

Somepin of de kind is confusement in de home or raisin’ Sam or speakin’

ugly words of somethin’ of de kin’. Yo’ jis’ take dat bottle down an’ jis’

drop a little bit on de flo’ – jis’ throw a little bit on de flo’.

Ever’thin’ is all ovah right dere.

(You use that same bottle of holy water for that – what you told me

about before?)


[Algiers, LA; Informant #1583 – Nahnee the “Boss of Algiers”; Vol.2,p.1382

A clearer explanation of this is that you take a bottle of holy water and you add three spoonfuls of sugar to it. Place the bottle in there place where people will be gathering and it will ensure that everyone gathers in goodwill and happiness. If things start to get heated or someone becomes argumentative, open the bottle and spill out a bit and it will calm things down.

This WORKS. I can especially recommend it if you have hot headed and argumentative family coming to your home for the holidays, or if you are going to their home, or you’re all meeting someplace. It will cut down on the conflict and get everyone to just get along fine, and if things start to get too dramatic, just discretely pour some out and it will calm down right away. I used this for many years for expressly that purpose and it worked so well. This also makes a good sneaky trick for offices or just any time you know that tempers will be high. If it’s something you leave up constantly, you’ll want to check it to see if the water has gone bad (ie cloudy with mold and gack) and you will want to replace it. 

Days of St Cyprian

While I was engaging in my practice with Saint Cyprian tonight, the message I received was to share some of my directly Christian workings that I use, or have used and found effective. I should share 1 such working for every nine days. Since I am already one day behind, I will post two today to make up for it.

This was honest to goodness one of the first wildly successful workings I did when I was in my twenties and it is very simple.

If you have lost something, just pray the Lord’s prayer. Do it three times. Whatever is lost will be restored to you.

I had lost a ring that I loved. I don’t know how I lost it, it just wasn’t on my finger and I couldn’t find it anywhere. After a lot of stress and strain, I stopped and I just prayed and the only prayer I could think of was the Lord’s prayer. I repeated it three times, and I just felt this lightness and calm assurance come over me. About an hour later, I was walking to a meeting and in the middle of this footpath, with no one else around, there was my ring. This was not a frequently used footpath and it had easily been a week since the last time I had walked there, and I had my ring then.

On another occasion I had lost my wallet. I can only guess it had fallen out of my pocket when I was exiting a taxi. So, I remembered the ring, and I prayed. I didn’t find the wallet but when I returned home from this trip, I had an email from a man who had found my wallet on the street, picked it up, and I happened to have a business card with my email address in it. So, he emailed me, this man ended up mailing me the wallet, with all my cards, ID and everything untouched and intact.

I had a friend who would lose stuff constantly. Every time we hung out, he would lose stuff. We would search my car, my home, retrace our steps, nothing. Finally, I would stop and pray, and somehow, inexplicably his missing items would suddenly appear in this very obvious back door pocket on my passenger side. He never sat in the back seat, and there was no way, it could have fallen from his pocket and landed in the back door pocket. But every time, on multiple occasions, what was missing would be there, even if we searched it before, but once I prayed, it showed up.

So, that’s my story. If you’re missing something and it is lost, pray the Lord’s Prayer three times. You will find it.