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Points of Light Beltane Festival 2022

I will be doing readings at Points of Light Beltane Festival, April 30, 2022, from 2 to 6 pm. Located at 4358 E Stearns St, Long Beach, CA 90815. There will be other vendors and readers, as well as a public altar to observe the turning of the wheel of the year. See you there!

March 18 – Feast of Archangel Gabriel

March 18 is the Feast day of the Gabriel the Archangel in the old calendar. Currently, all the angels are observed on Michaelmass which is now known as the Feast of All Angels, but original the archangels had their own separate feast days.
Gabriel is my favorite angel, who I often feel is overlooked and underappreciated. I felt drawn to pray to them and make devotion many years ago, which prompted my research into his feast days (The Orthodox church has several feast days for them on different days, the Ethiopian church also has a separate feast day) but also various prayers address to them.
the name Gabriel means “Strength of God” and some prayers that address Gabriel call upon their divine strength for help and support. They are also identified as the Holy Messenger, especially in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, as they is identified as the archangel who appears before St Joseph, Virgin Mary, and others announcing the conception of the Christ Child. In Islam, They are also a messenger, who gave the Koran to Mohammed. In certain esoteric practices Gabriel is also the messenger who inspired other works, most famous they taught the art of Geomancy to Idris, a prophet who is also identified with Hermes Trimestigus.
If you feel so inclined, make a prayer, light a candle to Archangel Gabriel today, and ask for their strength and to receive divine messages of guidance. Gabriel’s intercessions can bring many blessings.

Hail Juno!

Hail Iuno, Queen of the Gods! Hail Iuno Februata! Purify us that we may be renewed! Clean away the cold and darkness of winter so that new growth and new life may thrive! Gaudete Iuno! Gaudete! Regina deorum!

Juno, Queen of the Gods


Peace is something that it seems many people in this day and age desire, but seem to lack. Much of the underlying causes for that are cultural and social with current global, national and local conditions taking away from that peace around us. While addressing the inequalities that are the cause for this loss of peace, there is another peace you can possess, which with work and dedication, can be enduring, and which no one can steal from you. Of course, what I’m talking about is Inner Peace.
There are many paths to that Inner peace. It could also be called by other names, synonyms if you will. Balance. Equanimity. Fullness. Self-Realization. This peace can radically change any situation, even one in which battle and conflict is going to be present and occur. Being at peace in chaos, instead of afraid, confused, anxious, can often make all the difference.
If you want to promote peace in your life, a simple rite to achieve that is to take a blue or white candle. You should fix the candle with peace oil. Set it firm into a candle holder, light the candle, and look at the flame for a minute. Close your eyes, and mentally project a light blue light surrounding, permeating and filling you and your environment. Hold this image and let your body relax. Take a deep breath. Release the tension in your shoulders and neck. Take another deep breath. Keep working down through your chest, back and stomach, of relaxing and releasing stress and tension. Do your hips, thighs, knees, calves, shins and feet. Release all the stress you can. Repeat this process until you feel deeply and profoundly at ease. If you feel tired or exhausted, that often happens when you release all that stress. If you can, go to sleep or take a nap. If you feel unsafe with your candle, you can extinguish it, but you can also leave it lit, to burn out completely on it’s own when it is finished. If you used a very big candle. You can use it multiple times, snuffing the flame each time and using it again, until the candle is consumed.


Monthly Magic: Pumpkin Spice

This is my attempt at a monthly post to keep my blog a little more a live than it has been as of late. The idea is to write about some magic or spiritual work topic once a month. This month’s theme, as you can surmise is Pumpkin Spice.


Pumpkin Spice is a blend of sweet and hot spices, typically used to season pumpkin pie. Pumpkins themselves have a rather bland flavor that easily allows it to become an easy background to any flavoring you want to add to it. The spices usually included in this mixture are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. Some old recipes may not use all of these, as in the past, possessing any one of these spices was worth a potential fortune, and it really wasn’t until much more recently (relatively speaking) that there were rather inexpensive to acquire, and commonly available in the USA and other Western countries. If it were ever possible to travel back in time, take with you a single whole nutmeg, and you could potentially have a good sized piece of land and it’s serfs at your beck and call.
Personally I have included other spices in my own blends from time to time, to achieve an interesting touch. Black pepper gives it a touch more kick, cardamom adds and blends nicely with the other spices, and for something different (and not altogether desirable to a lot of people) adding star anise to it also gives a unique flavor that I enjoy. But the basics that are commonly used are listed above.


Interestingly, the spices using in a pumpkin spice blend have a long history of being used for various spells and rituals, most of them to bring good fortune, wealth, luck with gambling, and also love.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg are probably the best-known spices for money. Cinnamon, the bark of certain trees native to Asia, as well as their essential oil, are used in numerous spells meant to attract wealth, bring love, bring luck, cleansing, and also, protection. This must be because of how popular cinnamon is as a spice. It appears in recipes around the world, and is still popular in many foods, sweets, and beverages. Depending upon cultural context, that will shape how cinnamon is used by people, but in this modern world, where the spiritual works of all cultures are available with a few clicks on a smartphone or computer, people are working with cinnamon more than ever.  While some insist on using true cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum or C. verum) the most common cinnamon in the USA is actually cassia or Chinese cinnamon (cinnamomum cassia). Most powdered cinnamon in the supermarket, and whole cinnamon sticks are this type of cinnamon.  Its bark is thicker, and sturdier, and the flavor is strong compared to Ceylon Cinnamon, whose bark is more thing and paper like, and the flavor is lighter. Both are used for similar purposes, and you can work the same magics with either one.
Nutmeg (myristica fragans) is the seed of a fruit, specifically the inner part of the seed. The seed coat is also used as a spice known as Mace. They have similar flavors, but nutmeg is thought to be stronger and sweeter, while mace is milder. The most famous and infamous use of nutmeg is in a gambling charm where a hole is bored out and a drop of quicksilver (liquid mercury, a very toxic and dangerous metal) and sealed in with some beeswax that is said to be a powerful charm for gambling luck. Thus, in various forms, nutmeg is usually used for gambling luck, luck with gaining money in all it’s ways, and luck in life in general. If you consume enough raw nutmeg, it can have psychoactive effects, but in large quantities, allergic effects and skin irritation can result. Do be careful if you’re trying to use large amounts of nutmeg.  Honestly, my favorite use is to add a tiny pinch of nutmeg (either fresh ground or in a jar) and adding it to cooking green vegetables, like spinach, swiss chard, collards, etc… That small pinch offsets the natural bitterness of vegetables and allows their more pleasant subtle flavors to become more pronounced. If you can taste the nutmeg, you have added too much.

Clove buds (syzygium aromanticum) are the dried flower buds of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia. Clove is a spice you either love or hate. I don’t think I have ever met people more divided over a spice. At one time, people would use clove powder to numb their gums when attempting to pull teeth before modern dentistry.  If you consume too much clove spice, it does cause a numb feeling on the tongue, but not enough to cause any significant issues, although over consumption can have toxic effects, but you would seriously need to consume large amounts of clove buds, or a few drops of essential oil. Their odor is quite strong though, and they are very popular for their spicy scent, especially in creating pomanders, a apple or orange studded with cloves, wrapped in netting and ribbon and then placed in clothing drawers or chests. Over time, the cloves and fruit odor will permeate where it is stored, imparting the spicy scent to it.

Clove buds are also one of those incredibly popular spices which also feature into numerous spiritual workings for love, money, protection, gambling luck, general good luck, but interestingly enough is to protect and stop gossip and slander. I think this attribution comes from the claims of causing numbness in a person’s mouth, which of course correlates to shutting them up. It is also said to encourage friendship, which could also be possible reason for stopping gossip.

Allspice (pimenta dioica) is the unripe and dried fruit of a tree native to the New World. It is named allspice by English traders as they believed it combined the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, thus it was a substitute of “all spices”. Interesting, it’s the only new world spice, whereas the others are all natives of Asia, and were known from the spice trade and Silk Road between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. If you are ever out of cinnamon, nutmeg or clove, just use allspice, and it will work quite well and be pleasant to most people.
Allspice for spiritual works is used mostly for luck and money. While the other spices may have uses associated with love, allspice seems to be the more specific.  In quite a few Money Drawing oils, it is not unusual to see whole small allspice fruits floating in the fragrant oil.

Ginger (zingiber officinale) is the root of a plant used as a sweet and hot spice in deserts. While my favorite form of ginger is as slices of candied ginger root, cookies, cakes, a sweet known as gingerbread are the most common forms in Western cuisine. Ginger is used in savory dishes in various Asian cuisines, and the fusion of the cuisines has created some interesting additions of ginger in various dishes. Ginger is related to galangal, a root also used in the spice trade and in food, but also cardamom, turmeric, and the guinea pepper/grains of paradise.
Ginger root is primarily used for its heat. The experience of heat has various identified spiritual uses, mainly to get things moving. The difference between the heat of ginger and say, the heat of a chili pepper, is that more people like ginger then they like chili pepper. Ginger is commonly used in general luck spells, but that heat is added to numerous other recipes, to help with gambling, to heat up love and lust, or to add that heat for protection.

This makes the combination of pumpkin spice a kind of magical luck generating powerhouse, which is also protective, and brings in love and money. I mean, can you blame people now for liking their pumpkin spice drinks and sweets now? Isn’t that the kind of boost almost everyone could use on their side?


You can pretty much use a pumpkin spice blend for any kind of good works. Since it also smells great, using it for a bath, tea, incense will add some of that spicy odor to your home. You can either buy blends in a store, or search the internet for any of the innumerable recipes for making the spice blend yourself.

  • If you’re a worker on a budget, a simple way to make a spiritual oil would be to buy some pumpkin spice blend, add a teaspoon to a small bottle, and cover it with oil. Pray over it, and let it sit.  It may not take on the fragrance, (although it could over time, and expose to some heat to help infuse the odors), it could work as an all purpose good works oil to help attract luck, money, love, etc… into your life.
  • Boil a teaspoon of the mix in a medium pot of water or steep some and use it to take a spiritual bath. You can use it for cleansing, but also to attract love, luck, and money.
  • One simple recipe I have seen for a while is that mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon can be used to make a simple sachet powder for drawing good things. Why not step it up and use pumpkin spice blend instead to kick it up a notch?
  • Enchanting spices to use in food to offer to people is an easy way to work magic on others. Make pumpkin spice gingerbread men and feed them to co-workers or family to promote friendship and good fortune.
  • Using any oil for money, love, luck, or protection, dressing a candle with the oil and dust it with pumpkin spice powdered mix in order to add further spiritual herbal power to your spell.
  • Make a ring of pumpkin spice powder around any spell for love, money, luck, or protection in order to help the spiritual influence.
    There are numerous and endless uses to using Pumpkin Spice blends for spiritual work, so feel free to get creative with it.

Joyous Mercuralia!

The 15th of May is the date for the Roman Festival of in honor of Mercury or Mercurius, whom they also identified as the Greek Hermes. The Greeks themselves would relate their Hermes to the Egyptian Thoth and Anubis as well, so the Mediterranean was basically filled with people placing their gods all over the place.  A pretty swinging place.
I make a point of honoring Hermes in a multitude of his forms, and today being the festival of one of them, I just thought I would share. To this, I also give you my version of the Orphic hymn to Hermes.

Hermes, draw near, and heed my prayer,
messenger of Zeus, and divine son of Maia;
Master of Competitions, Lord of mankind,
all-powerful heart, joyful, guide and messenger,
possessing many skills, Slayer of Argus:
bearing winged sandals, aide of humanity, and teacher of language:
You rejoice in the gymnasium and in clever deceit:
ever changing, Able to understand all things, conductor of trade,
Whose skills help to lessen our problems,
Bearing the caduceus, that wand which can bring perfect peace,
Joyous, bestower of good fortune, skilled in persuasion
You aid us in our labors, and bring to us our necessities,
Having a sharp and deft tongue,  worthy of veneration,
Bestow upon us good fortune and the fulfillment of necessities
Through favorable speech and enduring memory

Jupiter in Sagitarrius

For most of 2019, Jupiter has entered Sagitarrius.  What this means is that Jupiter has entered one of his signs of Rulership or his domicile, aka his home. The essential dignity of rulership is perceived as being one of the strongest, where the planet has the most influence and power and is most capable of expressing its spiritual influence throughout the cosmos.
Jupiter is one of the beneficial planets, aka Fortunes or Benefics.  The multitude of astral rituals surrounding Jupiter from various sources, and the talismans made under this planet’s benign influence are usually geared towards good fortune, health, wealth, good luck, power, success, and pretty much everything good and desirable that one can think of.
One recommended way of working astral rituals is by using the Orphic Hymns in rituals calling upon their power.  Here is a translation of the Orphic Hymn of Jupiter



O Zeus, much-honored, Zeus supremely great, to thee our holy rites we consecrate,

Our prayers and expiations we give to thee O king divine, for you produce all things with ease through your mind

Hence the abyss, the earth, mountains rising to the sky, proceed from you, enthroned on high

Kronion king, descending from above, magnanimous, commanding, sceptered Zeus;

Source, principle, and end of all, whose power almighty shakes this earthly ball;

even nature trembles at thy mighty nod, loud-sounding, armed with lightning, thundering god.

Source of abundance, purifying king, Of various forms, from whom all natures spring;

propitious hear my prayer, give blameless health, with peace divine, and necessary wealth.”

Epiphany, Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day


Today marks in the Catholic liturgical calendar when the Three Magi or Kings arrived and gave gifts to the infant Jesus the Christ, as a recognition of his special nature and divine kingship.  A popular folk magic practice that coincides with this day is to write out the year numbers and between the first two numerals and the last two numerals is written C+M+B, which stand for the traditional names associated with three magi, that is Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.  This is written over the front entrance to the home and is thought to bring protection and blessings.  In some Christian denominations, this is the day that presents will be given.  This day also marks the end of the Christmas celebration and the beginning of Carnevale, the period preceding Lent.  As Lent is marked by fasting and solemnity, Carnevale is usually marked by indulgence, celebration, and parties, which begins with Three Kings day. A popular food during this season is king cake, which can take various forms depending upon the culture.
One forgotten or little-known piece of information is that the three stars that make Orion’s belt are also identified as the Three Magi. This comes about become Orion is one of the most visible constellations in the winter sky, with the belt being the most obvious.  Three stars lined up, as though they could be three figures in a line, traveling in the same direction, that also lines up with the chosen time for the celebration of the birth of Christ and the three Magi who visited Christ and recognized his divinity makes perfect sense.
One way you might connect more with the Magi would be to make a star talisman, or make a petition to Magi by timing the rising or culmination of the three stars.  The names of the individual stars are Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak. You could time their rising or culmination by using Star Maps or on the astrological charts, they are placed in the 22, 23, and 24 degrees of Gemini.  A simple offering of fresh water and incense (preferably a mixture of myrrh and frankincense) with a simple prayer would be enough.  If you’re eloquent or inspired, you might invent your own prayer on the spot, or write one up in advance. Some Catholic websites also offer up prayers to the Three Magi as well. Using an image of the three kings, or praying and facing the stars themselves, make your prayer and petition.
It is also said that the joint influence of the stars of the belt or the Three Magi is to give strength, energy, industry, the ability to organize, infamy, good fortune, lasting happiness, a sharp mind, and memory.