The (Re)Turn of the Moon

While driving home this evening, I had a moment to look up at the western sky and I saw that the barest narrow crescent was visible,  delicately hanging above the horizon, a pale yellow sliver that just disappeared into the clouds hanging on the edge of the horizon. This marks the Turn of the Moon, or the Return of the Moon. After the 3 day period when the moon is not visible in the sky because it is too close to the sun and it’s light and thus vacant from the night sky. This dark period was usually known as the dark of the moon. Today it’s often called the new moon. The real new moon however was when the first sliver appeared in the night sky, after the dark period, the moon was renewed and thus the return or the turn of the moon. This time has an association with renewal, new beginnings, and fresh starts. In the timing of spells it is a good time to do work to start anew, refresh things, and having a fresh start. Depending upon the placement in the sky with the sign of the zodiac, or the lunar mansion or aspects with other planets you can focus on starting anew with certain things. Try working with the turn of the moon to set new beginnings in your life.

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