Spells for Influence or Domination

Influence Spell

You will need:

Crown of Success Oil
Influence oil
A glass jar with a metal lid
Sweetener of choice
A picture and/or name paper of the target
Yellow candle

Anoint yourself with Crown of Success oil, especially on the temples and brow.

Take the picture/name paper of the target and place it into the jar. Cover it with a sweetener of your choice. Taste the sweetener and say “As this honey is sweet to me, so “Sally Johns” will be sweet to me and favor my requests. Close the jar.

Take the yellow candle and dress it with Influence oil. As you dress it, express what your desire is for the target to do for you and to follow your request and to favor you. Set the candle onto the jar and light it. While the candle burns, for at least 15 minutes, see hooked lights rising up from you and reaching out to the target of the spell. They flow into the target’s eyes, mouth, ears, nostrils etc,  and enter into the target and fill their mind and heart with images of you and that they are granting your request. They are happy with doing so, and feel happy from being able to help you and grant your request. When you are finished, let the candle continue to burn until it goes out. 

It is best to do this spell a day ahead of any meeting that you may have with the target regarding your request. When you go to meet the person, you should anoint yourself again with Crown of Success oil.
This spell can be slightly altered to serve different purposes. If you want to use it for love, use Bewitching oil or Look me Over instead of Crown of Success. If you want to influence troublesome people to go away peacefully, use Cast off Evil or Crucible of Courage. 

Domination Spell

You will need

Master Oil
Domination oil
A purple candle
A personal curio (hair from the head of the target, or their personal handwritten signature, or a drop of their blood)
A sharp implement to scribe into the candle

WARNING – The personal concern is absolutely necessary for the success of this spell. If you cannot acquire an intimate personal concern appropriate to the target, don’t do this spell. If you want to dominate a family member or loved one that you live with, you should go to acquire their hair or blood. If you want to dominate a co-worker or boss, then you should acquire their signature in their own hand.

Once you have the concern, anoint yourself with Master oil. Take the purple candle and with a scribing tool, write your request in a spiral around the candle, including the target’s name, like the stripe on a candy cane. For example “I dominate you Johnny Jackson, so you will listen to me and do your part in maintaining our home and raising our children. Or “I dominate you Sarah Sampson, to stop standing around by the water cooler and do your damn job.” Once you have finished writing your request, anoint the candle with Domination oil, repeating your request as you do so. Take the personal concern and place it under the candle. Light the candle and for 15 minutes see your request as a glowing chain flowing into the target. As it flows in, the chain wraps around their heart and their brain, wrapping around them tighter and tighter until both are essentially gone and replaced by your glowing chain, filling their entire being until only your will and desire remains inside them and all they can do is act upon and think of what you want them to do. The target is now just a subservient machine that will carry out what you desire. Once you have finished the 15 minutes, let the candle finish burning.  

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