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A is for Aegishjalmur


I’m sure most people who are interested in this sorts of things will be somewhat passingly familiar with the aegishjalmur, and it’s also most common appearance.  However, there are quite a few variations on that form, and they were used for a good number of things from looking at various spells and entries in Icelandic magic of the middle ages.

This particular version, shown above, is one of my favorites.  The name  of these is aegishjalm arnirniu (I’m sorry, I don’t quite know how to put accent marks in there, so I apologize for their absence) which is translated as the Nine Helms of Aegir.  The text associated with them says “These are the nine helms of Aegir that everyone who deals with knowledge cannot do without. Each of them should be used.”


Following these directions, I put them all down on a piece of paper, in red ink, and proceeded to use that as petition paper that would I burn candles on (thus the waxy circle on the paper, yes this is a photo graph of the actual talisman).   As there is no further directions given, I just laid them all out as I felt was aesthetically pleasing, and using oils and incense with them as it relates to wisdom, knowledge, and mind empowerment.


Here is a spell.


What you’ll need

-a purple candle

-a wisdom oil (King Solomon’s Wisdom, or just Wisdom etc…)

-incense (wisdom incense if you can, but just frankincense or copal will do in a pinch.  You can could also burn sage leaves)

-a candle holder

-piece of paper

A piece of solomon seal root

-red pen


Take the piece of paper (something about 2×4 inches will be fine) and using the red paper, write the 9 helms of aegir on the paper. Put it however you want, but there should probably be a helm in each corner and a helm on each side with one helm in the middle.


Using the Wisdom oil and your finger, dab a small amount of oil on to each helm.


Take the solomon seal root, and fix it with the Wisdom oil.
Take the purple candle, and anoint it with Wisdom oil.  Do this however you prefer anoint candles. Set the candle in the holder, and place the holder on top of the piece of paper. ( I find a good brass holder is good for this purpose.) If you can, place the Solomon seal root under the candle holder, on top of the paper, or place it next to the base of the holder.


Light some charcoal, and put it into your censer, brazier or whatever you burn charcoal in.  Put a good pinch of incense on the charcoal and let it smoke.  Light the candle wick and let it burn.


As the candle burns, you should pray.  You might recite mantras for wisdom, recitations from Psalms or Proverbs.  You can also pray silently, and allow the Wisdom of God or the Gods, or the ancestors to come to you and fill you.  You could also meditate.


You can do this spell in one day, by letting the candle burn down. You could also repeat it for 7 days, burning the candle in 15 minute increments, snuffing it each day with your fingers or a candle snuffer, until the 7th day, where you should let it finish burning.


Take the solomon seal root, and put it into a flannel bag of either white, purple or red, along with the paper with the nine helms on it.  Carry it with you, or place it under your pillow as you sleep, keep it on a secure place on your altar or wherever you keep your altar.  Whenever you are doing your daily practice of prayer, you should take it, and wear the bag, or sit with it while you do your daily prayers or meditation.