March 12, 2010 – Mannaz Reversed

Mannaz Reversed

Mannaz is the letter M

Anglo- Saxon Rune Poem (from

The joyous man is dear to his kinsmen;
yet every man is doomed to fail his fellow,since the Lord by his decree will commit the vile carrion to the earth

Mannaz means man. It is the rune of Humanity (all of us), but also a rune of the Mind and the whole man, from the first human to the last human.

I was feeling the reversal of Mannaz strongly this morning. I overslept, was absent minded, distracted at work, and just a lot of confusion. I broke a glass plate from tempature shock, and was feeling mentally overwhelmed by work, while at the same time having a conversation via email with a friend trying to figure out our plans for this weekend, which seemed to be changing a lot. It was just be smashed by a giant wave with now control or anything to hold onto. I am not sure what brought it about. It seems to have ebbed for the moment.

So, yeah Mannaz reversed can just point to inner turmoil or confusion. Your mind is shocked and unable to cope (for some reason) and things just seem to be hitting you really hard and fast, or slipping right by you, unnoticed.

I think I am going to flip this bitch.

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