March 13, 2010 – Yr reversed

Yr reversed

Yr is the letter y

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Yr is a source of joy and honour to every prince and knight;
it looks well on a horse and is a reliable equipment for a journey

Yr is often translated as the yew bow by most. Yr’s meaning when it is reversed is lack of skill or ability, and a lack of efficiency. As it relates to the day, it shows that perhaps events of the day may be handled sloppily or carelessly. It might also be an opportunity for learning a skill, and being open to where your lack of ability is, might educate you in handling the events better. In examining the rune of the week, Ior, with Yr reversed, it shows that there might be a need for being open to learning how to handle the boundaries, and also straddling those boundaries as you work through them.

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