November 14 – 20. 2010 – Ear


Ear is the dipthong “ea”

Anglo-Saxon rune poem (from

The grave is horrible to every knight,
when the corpse quickly begins to cooland is laid in the bosom of the dark earth.Prosperity declines, happiness passes awayand covenants are broken

Ear signifies that this week is about endings and death. Things have reached their completion, and will not progress any further beyond that. My first thought reached out to the various spiritual beings who govern death, dying and the realms of the dead, from various pagan Gods, to the very popular folk saint, Santa Muerte (Saint Death). A favorite quote that often comes to mind when contemplating Ear and it’s effects, especially as it applies to people who engage in a magico-spiritual practice comes from The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. A transgendered brazilio-mexican sorceress who goes by the name epithet Lord Fanny, says to the foe “ I am a sorcerer, and death is my ally, not my enemy.” I have often contemplated that phrase, and it’s implications and an answer came to me about what that means. Death is part of the process of change. Something new cannot be created, unless something old passes away, and is destroyed. The caterpillar no longer exists when it becomes a butterfly. The tree is gone when it becomes the chair. The marble slab becomes the valued statue. In each of those things, part of the process of becoming, something about them experienced death, and they can never go back to being what they were before.

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