March 18 – Feast of Archangel Gabriel

March 18 is the Feast day of the Gabriel the Archangel in the old calendar. Currently, all the angels are observed on Michaelmass which is now known as the Feast of All Angels, but original the archangels had their own separate feast days.
Gabriel is my favorite angel, who I often feel is overlooked and underappreciated. I felt drawn to pray to them and make devotion many years ago, which prompted my research into his feast days (The Orthodox church has several feast days for them on different days, the Ethiopian church also has a separate feast day) but also various prayers address to them.
the name Gabriel means “Strength of God” and some prayers that address Gabriel call upon their divine strength for help and support. They are also identified as the Holy Messenger, especially in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, as they is identified as the archangel who appears before St Joseph, Virgin Mary, and others announcing the conception of the Christ Child. In Islam, They are also a messenger, who gave the Koran to Mohammed. In certain esoteric practices Gabriel is also the messenger who inspired other works, most famous they taught the art of Geomancy to Idris, a prophet who is also identified with Hermes Trimestigus.
If you feel so inclined, make a prayer, light a candle to Archangel Gabriel today, and ask for their strength and to receive divine messages of guidance. Gabriel’s intercessions can bring many blessings.

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