Days of Cyprian – Day 9

Creating an Amparo

An amparo is a ritual or talisman used for protection. I say ritual because I have seen rituals that are called amparos that are done on people for their protection, or done before undertaking a working or rite. They can also be talismans, which is the most commonly known version. That is what I am going to talk about here. Specifically this is to create an amparo with Saint Cyprian. When I first began working with Saint Cyprian many things fell into place for me. One was easily acquiring a statue of him, which just showed up at a store I went shopping at, and it was the only one there was. The next was acquiring some prayer cards of Saint Cyprian. Prayer cards are the main component of creating an amparo, although it can also be used in a simple amparo ritual as well. 

For this ritual you will need the following.

2 Saint Cyprian prayer cards

1 picture of the person who the amparo is for

1 candle, white or purple

Thread, white, red or purple

Saint Cyprian Oil

Incense, usually a blend of frankincense and myrrh, but gloria incense or altar incense will work well.

Take the picture of the person. It should be the same size as the prayer cards, so wallet sized. Sandwich the picture between the prayer cards, with the image of the saint facing out on both sides. Then take the thread and wrap it around the picture and cards, forming a cross as you do so. Tie it off and cut away any hanging strands. Anoint the four corners of the amparo with Saint Cyprian oil. 

Pray psalm 91 and then say
Saint Cyprian, Mage and Martyr, Saint and Sorcerer I ask you to protect me from evil conspiracies of my enemies, to guard me from evil intentions, hexes, the beguiling serpent and the rabid wolf. + Guard me, Saint Cyprian, both day and night, and night and day, in waking and in sleeping, from evil, whether it be from spirit or man. + Be my watcher, Saint Cyprian, being ever alert and aware. +  Untie all bindings, break all hexes, and shatter all enchantments upon me, Saint Cyprian. + Consecrate this amparo with your power, and with the blessings of the spiritual treasure house given to by God, and Jesus the Christ, In nomine patria, et filio et spiritus sanctus +

The little crosses in the above prayer indicate where you should make the sign of the cross over yourself.

When doing so, you can either hold your thumb, index and middle finger together, which is the gesture of benediction or cross your thumb with your index finger, and your middle, ring, and pinky finger straight. The crossed thumb is the cross, and the three straight fingers symbolize the three nails that were used in crucifixion. 

Anoint the candle with Saint Cyprian oil and place the amparo under the candle holder. Light the candle and as it burns, recite the lord’s prayer 9 times. Then recite the Hail Mary three times, and Gloria prayer three times. When the candle is finished burning, carry the amparo with you for protection. You can carry it in your wallet, purse, or pocket, or in a drawstring bag around your neck.

A more simplified version of this ritual. Instead of creating a talisman, you can just sandwich the picture between the prayer cards, and place it under the candle, anointed with Saint Cyprian oil. Use the same prayers but instead of “consecrate this amparo…” Protect me with your power Saint Cyprian, and with the blessings of the spiritual treasure house given to you by God, and Jesus the Christ, In nomine patria, et filio et spiritus santus, amen +

Also, when doing this ritual for someone else, you would substitute their name at the appropriate times in the prayer ie instead of “me” say “John Doe”.

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