9 day spell for blessing a home

What you will need:

1 white candle
1 red candle
1 green candle
1 blue candle

Money House blessing oil
Peaceful home Oil
Protection oil
Dixie John oil

Dixie John Root
Gentian Root

House blessing Powder
Peaceful Home Powder
Protection Powder

A red cotton flannel bag
5 slips of paper big enough to fold into small packets..

A red pen or marker.

Take the five slips of paper. Using the red pen or marker, you are going to write the following five runes on it.
Wunjo Algiz Othala Dagaz Qweorth


You should write each rune 9 times on each slip of paper. Arrange the papers so they overlap slightly forming an equal armed cross.

Mix together the three powders and sprinkle them on the papers and around them forming a circle. Sprinkle them with basil as well, and place the Dixie John root and gentian root in the middle.

Starting with the white candle, anoint it with Protection oil. Anoint the red candle with Dixie John oil, anoint the green candle with Money House Blessing oil, and the blue candle with Peaceful Home oil. Place the white candle on your left, and the green candle on your right, the red candle below those two candles and the blue candle above. So that all the candles are sitting on the cross of papers that you created. Light the candles and pray the Lord’s prayer three times.

Let the candles burn. You will repeat this nine days, either burning the candles in sections, or burning new candles for each day, or continuously burning vigil lights for 9 days.

On the 9th day when the candles have finished, take four of the papers, put a pinch of the powder blend into it, and fold the paper up into a small packet. Seal the packets with tape. Take each packet and tape them discreetly into the four corners of your house. Take the fifth paper and wrap it up around a pinch of powder and the dixie john and gentian root. Place this into the red flannel bag, and place it in the heart of your home. Where the heart is, is up to you. It could be in the bedroom, under  your mattress, as the place of love, peace and rest. It could be concealed in the kitchen cupboard, where food is prepared that nurtures and nourishes. It could be placed in the central hallway so that all you pass by it are blessed and that blessing is carried with them wherever they go. It could be a dining room where family and friends gather together to eat and celebrate in joy. It could be a living room where the family gathers to share in entertainment and joy. It could also be the literal and exact center of your home and it could be hidden inside the walls if you wanted and could achieve that. The fifth packet can also be placed next to or under a candle once a month or once a year to help in re blessing the house, as it is connected to the other packets and will help reinforce the blessings on the house, when you feel it is necessary.

This spell is good to do just after doing a thorough home cleansing, or just when you move into a new home. Another good time to perform it is starting on new year’s day, or starting on Midsummer either the the day of the Summer Solstice of June 25, the Nativity of the John the Baptist.

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